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Pilgrimage Tours

Pilgrimage Tours

The Philippines has a long history of religious influences. From the advent of Islam in the 14th century to the rise of Christianity during the Spanish colonial period, these influences have left a treasure trove of historical structures and artifacts. See them all in our pilgrimage tours.

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Frequently asked questions

Where are the best pilgrimage tours in the Philippines?

It depends on the type of pilgrimage tour you plan to do. You can visit only one church, such as this pilgrimage tour at Our Lady of Piat in Cagayan. You can also visit many churches dedicated to one religious figure such as this Marian Devotees tour in Baguio. If you’re into discovering heritage churches, you can try this Iloilo pilgrimage tour. If you’re in the Philippines during the holy week, you can join a Visita Iglesia tour in Pangasinan.

How many churches and religious sites will I visit?

It depends on the pilgrimage tour. You can visit more than 7 churches, especially if you’re planning to do it during the holy week.

When is the best month or season to go on a pilgrimage tour?

The best month or season to visit is during the holy week, usually in the month of April.

How long does a pilgrimage tour last?

A pilgrimage tour can last for a full day or more depending on the tour package you availed and the number of churches you’ll be visiting. Make sure to check the description of your chosen tour before booking.

What should I bring during the tour?

You can bring your important belongings with you such as your mobile phone, but make sure to turn it off or put it in silent mode during the activity. Bring bottled water with you, especially if you’re going to visit multiple churches in one day.