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Garin Farm Tours

Garin Farm Tours

Go on a pilgrimage tour of Garin Farm in Iloilo and see its famous Heaven on Earth. Enjoy other facilities in the in-land resort that uniquely combines recreational, religious, and agri-tourism.

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Garin Farm Tours

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Frequently asked questions

Where is Garin Farm located?

Garin Farm is located in San Joaquin, Iloilo. It’s 53 kilometers away from Iloilo City proper, about 1 hour and 40 minutes away. Meanwhile, it’s 63 kilometers away from Iloilo International Airport, about 1 hour and 36 minutes away.

Is there an entrance fee to Garin Farm?

Yes, there’s an entrance fee to Garin Farm. If you’re going to join a guided tour, the entrance fee is usually included in the package.

How do I get to Garin Farm?

Board a jeepney bound for San Joaquin in Molo or Arevalo to reach the Garin Farm in Iloilo City. It's about an hour of travel time. Ask your driver to drop you off at San Joaquin Cemetery at the Garin Ranch. You can travel from the highway to the place and drive a quad bike. You may also join a Garin Farm guided tour with transfers for a hassle-free trip.

What are the best Garin Farm tours in the Philippines?

Garin Farm is often combined with other Iloilo tourist spots, such as Miag-ao Church, Molo Church, Jaro Cathedral, Casa Mariquit, Camiña Balay Nga Bato, San Joaquin Church, and more.

What activities can I do in Garin Farm?

You can go sightseeing, kayaking, boat paddling, swimming, try the zipline, appreciate the life-sized dioramas of Biblical characters, or climb the steps going to the Divine Cross.