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Manjuyod Sandbar Tours

Manjuyod Sandbar Tours

Relax and unwind at Manjuyod Sandbar in Bais City, Negros Occidental. Enjoy the scenery while trying out a multitude of water activities in this offbeat destination dubbed as the ‘Maldives’ of the Philippines.

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Frequently asked questions

Where is Manjuyod Sandbar located?

This beautiful attraction is located in Bais, Negros Occidental. It is 20 kilometers away from Bais town proper, about 30 minutes away. It is also often called a natural attraction in Bacolod because of its close proximity.

Why is Manjuyod Sandbar a popular tourist destination?

Aside from its aquamarine waters and powdery white sand, Manjuyod Sandbar is popular because of how unpopulated and secluded it is. The water and recreational activities done here are unique and family-friendly. There are also small establishments within the area.

When is the best month or season to visit Manjuyod Sandbar?

It’s best to visit this tourist attraction during the summer, from the months of March to May.

What water and recreational activities can I do in Manjuyod Sandbar?

Aside from swimming, dolphin watching and spotfishing are two of the most popular activities in Manjuyod Sandbar. You can also visit Talabong Mangrove Forest or the bird sanctuary. Join a day tour whether you’re coming from Dumaguete or Bacolod.

How long is Manjuyod Sandbar?

Manjuyod Sandbar is 7 kilometers long.