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Bohol Countryside Tours

Bohol Countryside Tours

Discover Bohol’s iconic landmarks by joining a countryside tour. Explore its natural wonders and unique attractions like the Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Sanctuaries, Loboc River Cruise and more during your trip in the Philippines.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is the Bohol countryside tour popular?

The Bohol countryside tour lets you explore the top attractions of the province in one full or half a day. These include the Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Sanctuary, and Loboc River Cruise to name a few. 

What are tourist attractions included in a Bohol countryside tour?

Most Bohol Countryside tours include the following top landmarks: Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Sanctuary, Loboc River, Blood Compact Monument, Butterfly Garden, Bilar Manmade Forest, and many more.

Is there an entrance fee to the attractions?

Yes, there is an entrance fee in most tourist sites. The entrance fees are included already in most guided and private tours.

What should I wear during the tour?

Wear light and comfortable clothes if you’re visiting during the day since most of these are outdoor attractions.

Will there be Bohol countryside tours during the rainy season?

Most Bohol Countryside tours continue during the rainy season, but it’s still up to the tour operator and the storm signal in the area.