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Culion Tours

Culion Tours

Experience the spectacular beaches and historical sites in Culion, a coastal town near Coron, Palawan. Learn about the history of the town at Culion Museum and go island hopping with these tours.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you get to Culion?

Coron is the jump-off point to Culion so you have to ride a boat first at the Coron Port. Take note of the departure and returning schedule. You can also get to Culion by joining a complete day tour with transfers.

What are the tourist spots in Culion?

Some of the popular attractions in Culion include Culion Museum, Culion Church, Malcapuya Island, Ditaytayan Island, Banana Island, Bulog Dos Island, Culion Museum, Agila Hill, and many more.

Is it safe at Culion?

Yes, it is safe at Culion. But like with any other destinations, make sure to adhere to regulations and take care of your belongings.

What activities can you do in Culion?

You can go sightseeing, island-hopping, swimming, snorkeling, diving, trekking, museum-hopping, and so much more.

What languages do locals speak in Culion?

Most locals in Culion speak Cuyunon, which is Palawan’s native dialect. However, most of them can speak and understand Filipino and English.